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At Mercury Solutions, we are proud to boast that our employees are of equal importance to us as our customers.

The benefits offered to our associates include:

  • Thirty days paid vacation, guaranteed. This time is accrued annually, and may be used at the employees’ discretion, in their desired increments.
  • Unlimited sick leave.
  • Insurance benefits, including health, vision, and dental coverage.
  • Profit-sharing.
  • "Thirteenth Salary": A guaranteed holiday bonus for associates who continue their employment with Mercury Solutions.
  • Goal and quota achievement bonuses.
  • Flexible hours.
  • Casual work environments.

At Mercury Solutions, we will not settle for a less than satisfied employee.

We believe strongly that an employee’s attitude is reflected in their work: an employee who is satisfied with their job will perform to their highest standard.

Sound appealing? Check out our current job openings or send us your resumé to be considered when a position on your field is available. Resumés remain on our database for up to a year.

Mercury Solutions. Technology Powered by Wings.