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The Problem
Global Traveler Magazine came to us in its infancy, looking to not only establish a solid online presence, but also looking for a way to dynamically manage their online content remotely, almost completely outsourcing their IT needs.

The Solution
Mercury Solutions assigned to the project a team of four programmers, three designers, a security specialist, a database administrator, and a multimedia artist. With this team, we continue to deliver and implement the following:

Custom software, including:

  • A fully-customized content management system. This system controls the online publication and archiving of polls and readers' letters, as well as magazine content such as articles, city guides, reviews, and interviews. This system is multimedia-capable, meaning that it can process not only text-based data, but pictures and videos as well.
  • A mailing system. This system allows for automated subscription and unsubscription, and also assembles, delivers, and archives Global Traveler's weekly online newsletter.
  • An advanced ad manager. This software is responsible for the presentation as well as tracking of advertisements throughout the website and the weekly online newsletter.
  • An online community system. This forum brings together visitors, subscribers, and service providers (for example, air carriers and hotel chains), and delivers unique, full-featured advantages.
  • A distribution tracking system. This system is capable of monitoring and measuring the performance of the magazine's distribution world-wide.
In addition to customized software, Mercury Solutions team provides the following necessary services:
  • Database planning, optimization, and maintenance.
  • Security consulting and penetration testing.
  • Server administration.
  • Website maintenance.
  • On-demand graphic design, multimedia, database, and application development.
  • E-mail campaign planning, production, and delivery.
  • Online image consulting.
  • Revenue-generation consulting.

At fair-market-value, a team akin to the one implemented for Global Traveler would have a net cost of over US$70,000 monthly. Mercury Solutions is able to provide the very same services at over 60% savings.

Client Feedback
"Global Traveler couldn't have made it to where we are today without these guys."
Francis X. Gallagher
Global Traveler Magazine

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